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We are a curated multi-disciplinary collaboration platform for the creative minds working for the greater good.
We are basically a creative content company.
We put like minded creatives in a room together in order to make/create/reshape/improve everything we see, feel, taste and touch.
We make multi-disciplinary collaborations happen.
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After 15 years of experience in press specially in fashion magazines, my catchphrase became one and only Yohji Yamamoto’s wise words, “I hate fashion”. The phrase is tough and deep yes, but it is the most realistic and sweet bundle of words you can ever hear/read/feel in a world of ‘perfect dreams’.

If you want me to name some names, I can give you some: I worked for the high and luxurious copyright magazines like ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE, SEVENTEEN, HARPER’S BAZAAR, VOGUE, XOXO, L’OFFICIEL, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, ESQUIRE, GRAZIA as an editor, contributing editor, features editor, features director, and fashion features editor. My last job was being the chief editor of the best selling fashion and shopping magazine at that time, ALL. I channeled all I learned from the previous ‘acts’ for that particular magazine to be born again.

I performed fashion talks with designers, fashion bloggers, brand owners and conducted courses on fashion at ESMOD Vakko Fashion Academy. During my ‘clubbing days’ I interviewed globally well known musicians for Indigo Night Club’s monthly magazine. But all that arts & culture stuff began before, during my young aspiring journalist days at Radikal and Milliyet as a staff reporter. I also forgot that I was a junior editor at one of Turkey’s well known art gallery’s monthly publishing. I worked on special projects with/for well-known and local brands, edited a jewellery book, worked for a private bank’s journal etc etc. Please don’t look for more names, this piece is getting far longer then I expected.

Wow… So long time ago… Just don’t only read them as experiences, ‘cause I keep them as memories.

Then I decided to grow up or follow my heart or whatever you call that feels appropriate. In 2019, I co-founded WiseSlang. I call myself a ‘creative director’ but that’s an inside joke. We all love a good laugh and a good but a very good idea.

I think this is kind of it. These are some of the things as far as I remember -I sure missed some out- that I thought might thrill you. This is my resume. But basically, I write, edit and ask questions well. I like new ideas and bending and shifting things. I like to awoke feelings. I’m not a rebel. I’m just being me and trying to be one.

It is very nice to meet you. What a lovely day!

I’m Sila


Hey there,

I spent 10 years of creating and reimagining spaces, places at NAIF the design studio which I co-founded. The firm is created from the need of a response to art, nature and history. I’m still holding my position there as a board member. It’s pretty cool to say that I created the interiors of that popular restaurant or this cafe that you’ve been visiting constantly during a conversation. It’s kind of my pick up line. No, just kidding. It’s a nice ice breaker though…

I also have two other firms that I co-founded in NY and Miami which I don’t want to bore you with the details…

Then… As a ‘founding enthusiast’, I imagined an idea above all ideas but embodying all of them in one for the creative minds of a new the world. I trusted my core shaman roots and came up with the name WiseSlang. I needed allies. Now on the verge of a new era, let’s say I have a new ice breaker which is more of a conversation starter.

I’m Efe